What does Running Mean?

Running for an election is one of the ways to get involved in USG. Under this tab, you will fund information about the positions for which you may run, the process you need to follow in order to run, and the strategies you may use to run effectively.

The Elections Commissioner is responsible for administering USG elections. This year, Andy Swiston (andrew-swiston@uiowa.edu) will serve as the Elections Commissioner. He will ensure that the USG elections are administered fairly. Andy will be a valuable resource for anyone who wishes to run. Please reach out to him with any and all questions.

Check out our 2021 Guide to Running for USG here! The updated version, with information pertaining to campaigning during a pandemic, will come out soon. 


How Can I Run?

Check out the following graphics with more information on how to run during the 2021 election cycle. 

If you are interested in running for student government, you MUST attend a candidate interest meeting. The three candidate interest meetings are listed below:


Wednesday, February 10th, @ 6PM --> Zoom: 992 4017 0510 Code: 744053

Tuesday, February 16th, @ 6PM --> Zoom: 910 0792 1734 Code: 348531

Thursday, February 25th, @ 6PM --> Zoom: 931 3507 9658 Code: 905187

Monday, March 1st @ 6PM --> Zoom: 920 4282 5628 Code: 387780




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