Depending on your position, there are a number of ways to run for a position in a UISG election.

Position Ways to Run
President or Vice President
  • Executive Ticket
  • Executive Ticket
  • Senate Ticket
  • Independent
Constituency Senator
  • Asian Constituency Senator
  • Black Constituency Senator
  • Disabilities Constituency Senator
  • International Constituency Senator
  • Latinx Constituency Senator
  • LGBTQ+ Constituency Senator


The President and Vice President are elected together as an executive ticket. Executive tickets register in the UISG election with a name, and they typically create a platform—a set of initiatives they intend to implement if they are elected. Executive tickets may chose to run with or without a ticket of senators. If an executive ticket has a ticket of senators, the senators on the ticket register with the name of the executive ticket, and they typically subscribe to the platform of the executive ticket. Although the President and Vice President are elected together as an executive ticket, the senators of the ticket are not jointly elected (for example, an executive ticket may be elected, but all of the senators on the ticket may not be elected).