To develop a platform, one step you can take is to research the University of Iowa Student Government, the University of Iowa, the regent universities, and the current state of higher education in the nation. Below you will find useful resources for conducting research.

University of Iowa

Strategic Plan

    • Highlights the mission, vision, and values of the University of Iowa
    • Lists strategies and tasks that will be used to achieve institutional goals

Operations Manual

    • Holds important University of Iowa policies, such as Community Policies

Data Digest

    • Shows trends in enrollment, revenue, expenses, tuition, and financial aid in recent history
    • Offers clear tables and diagrams for education

Budget Video

    • Provides an overview of the structure of the University of Iowa budget
    • Gives a perspective on recent trends in revenue, expenses, and efficiencies

Organizational Charts

    • Depict the organizational structure of the University of Iowa, divided by colleges led by deans and units led by vice presidents
    • Share contact information for campus partners

Regent Universities

Board of Regents

    • Describes the purpose of the Board of Regents

Board of Regents Reports

    • Posts detailed reports about issues relevant to regent universities, including financial aid, safety and security, etc.

Iowa State University

University of Northern Iowa

Higher Education

Association of American Universities

Chronicle of Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed

Morning Education

University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government

University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government Reports - USG Strategic Plan, USG Service Reports, USG Progress Reports, and USG Demographic Reports