We are excited to annouce the 2020-2021 USG Election Results. 

Congratulations to the following individuals for being elected to serve in USG by their peers. We look forward to the positive change you will bring to University of Iowa students in the coming year!

At-Large Senators:

  • Verona Victoria (Connect Iowa)
  • Shalini Birari (Connect Iowa)
  • Sam Stucky (Impact Iowa)
  • Jack Lauer (Impact Iowa)
  • Libbie Smith (Connect Iowa)
  • Lauren Salloum (Connect Iowa)
  • Sierra Wicks (Impact Iowa)
  • Kathryn Shumaker (Impact Iowa)
  • Abby Crow (Impact Iowa)
  • Isabella Mullins (Impact Iowa)
  • Sam Avery (Impact Iowa)
  • Airiana Mohr (Impact Iowa)
  • Katie Michalski (Impact Iowa)
  • John Dickens (Impact Iowa)
  • Cameron Coates (Impact Iowa)
  • Patrick Johnson (Impact Iowa)
  • John Meis (Impact Iowa)

Independent Senators

  • Sire Abram
  • Yara Moustafa 
  • Joshua Brown
  • Joycelyn Jorbedom 

Constituency Senators

  • Kaitlin Soriano - Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Constituency Senator
  • Adeline Barron - Black Constituency Senator
  • Claire Miller - Disability Constituency Senator
  • Shimin Park - International Constituency Senator
  • Joseph Haggerty - LGBTQ Constituency Senator

We are excited to annouce the 2020-2021 UISG Executive Cabinet. 

Congratulations to the following individuals for being selected to serve in UISG!

President: Connor Wooff
Vice President: Mara Smith

Executive Cabinet positions will be filled in the upcoming weeks. Apply to be an Executive in the 2020-21 school year here!

Director of Academic Affairs: Regan Smock
Director of Communications: Kate Struble
Deputy Director of Communications: Makayla Morales
Director of External Relations: Kayla Cleland
Director of Finance: Emily Hagedorn
Deputy Director of Finance: 
Director of Governmental Relations: John Dickens
Deputy Director of Governmental Relations: 
City Liaison: Ryan Longenecker
Deputy City Liaison: Anna Van Heukelon
Director of Health and Safety: Verona Victoria
Director of Justice and Equity: Ruth Kahssai
Director of Sustainability: Emily Manders
Director of Student Services: David Keffala-Gerhard
Secretary: Airiana Mohr
Social Media Manager:
Photographer: Nathan Goodwin