Academic Affairs

Committee: Academic Affairs
Contact(s): Amira Qidwai

Committee: Academic Affairs, Governmental Relations
Contact(s): Amira Qidwai

External Affairs

Committee: External Affairs
Description: Create posters for the USG office that show steps for applying for USG funding and the guidelines.

Committee: Justice and Equity, External Affairs
Contact(s): Ngonyo Mungara

Health and Safety

Committee: Health and Safety
Contact(s): Mariah McKenna, Ahava Atar
Description: Provide alternate responders to address non-violent emergencies, build connections with the Department of Public Safety and the Iowa City Police department.

Contact(s): Addison Eckard, Ngonyo Mungara
Description: Ensure that every staff member undergoes specific training on mental health crisis response, student mental health, and protocols for accommodating mental health barriers.

Committee: Government Relations, Health and Safety

Description: Improve methods of communicating the availability of mental health services, gender affirming care, crisis services, and medical care to students on campus, and for streamlined processes concerning financial aid.