Christian Frankl

Senator at Large

Committees: Health and Safety and Student Life

Year: Third-Year

Hometown: Ames, IA

Major: Political Science and Music

Additional Involvements: Hawkeye Marching Band, University Choir, PAD Pre-Law Fraternity, PMA Music Fraternity

Why did you join USG?: I joined USG to help ensure that the University of Iowa is a place where anyone can succeed, no matter who they are.

What are you most excited about this term? (Initiatives or projects, ideas, etc.): I am excited to help the University transition as safely as possible to a post-COVID place of learning. While COVID has changed many things about our lives, this year will probably be much different from the last as things begin to revert back to the way they were. I hope to help with this transition via the health and safety committee to ensure students have a great college experience while understanding that health and safety is still vital to that experience.