Jennie Yang

Director of Academic Affairs

Hometown: Sartell, MN

Year: Third-Year

Major: Psychology

Minors: Spanish, Anthropology

Additional involvements: Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct; Orientation Services

Why did you join USG?: I joined USG because I wanted to be a good representative for students on campus. I found myself struggling to find representation in student leadership, so I wanted to become that representation for other students like myself. I wanted to make sure our voices are heard so that I can help make campus and academics the best they can possibly be for all students.

What are you most excited about this term? (Initiatives or projects, ideas, etc.): It is my first year with USG, so I am really excited to come into this position and learn about more what USG can do for students. One project I am really excited to work on is the development of career-specific rhetoric courses for third- and fourth-year students.