Logan Williams

Senator at Large

Email: lmwilliams@uiowa.edu

Hometown: Muscatine, Iowa

Year at UIowa: Third-Year

Major: Entrepreneurial Management

Additional Campus Involvement: Hawkeye Tennis Club, HTRC Tennis Instructor, College Republicans, Salt Company, Sales & Consulting Club

What are you most looking forward to this year?: "I'm looking forward to the relationships that I'm going to build with my fellow Senators during my time serving on USG, as well as the opportunities and challenges that I will be met with."

Why did you join USG?: "My biggest goal in life is to help as many as people as possible and to have a positive impact on their lives I come from a low-income, single parent home which is often considered to be a disadvantage to most, not to me. I am so thankful for my upbringing because it has helped show me that nothing is just given and if you really want something in life you must work hard for it. I want to act leader to my fellow Undergraduate Students and help them through what ever challenges or adversity they may face, and allow them to find success at their time at the University of Iowa."