Matthew Monsivais

City Liaison

Pronouns: He/him

Hometown: Ankeny, Iowa

Major: Political Science

Minor: Statistics

Additional Involvement: Solely Undergraduate Student Government, for right now at least! looking to be more involved in the future.

What are some goals and/or initiatives you are excited to work on this term?: The City Liaison Role is unique to our student government, and unlike any position seen at other Big 10 universities. In the Deputy role, I do a lot of observing, learning and supplemental work. My goals for this administration are collaborating with Iowa City Downtown District to spearhead the "Narcan in the Bars" campaign, and to work with senators to advocate for better street lighting near greek life houses. Moving forward, I hope to build foundations in increasing collaboration with the Associated Big Ten Schools student governments to inspire work we can do in Iowa City from voices around the nation. I also hope to improve the execution of the annual Renter's Guide to make the data collection more methodical. I hope to use my knowledge in statistics, and collaborate with the Statistics and Data Science department of CLAS, as well as Student Legal Services, to make the Renter's guide more comprehensive. And finally, as well as more perpetually, find innovative ways for students outside of student government to interact with and communicate with City Council.