Undergraduate Student Government Constituency Senators

According to the USG bylaws, the USG Senate includes 10 seats for Constituency Senators that represent the following constituencies: Asian Pacific Islander Desi American, Black, First-Generation Student, International Student, Jewish, LGBTQ+, Latine, Disability, Native American, and Veteran.

Each of these Senators sits on the Justice & Equity Committee, and serves in the USG Senate with the intent to organize programming, enact policies, and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion that better serve and represent the unique needs of students from historically marginalized groups. Students may contact the Justice & Equity Committee leadership with any questions, comments, concerns, and/or grievances.

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Constituency Senator

Amisha Mohanty


Black Constituency Senator

Ngonyo Mungara


Disability Constituency Senator

Natalie Kehrli


First-Generation Constituency Senator

Karla Sierra


International Constituency Senator

Tejaswini Kannan


Jewish Constituency Senator

Ahava Atar


Latine Constituency Senator

Sara Koppy


LGBTQ+ Constituency Senator

Paras Bassuk 


Native American Constituency Senator


Veteran Constituency Senator

Morgan Lihs


Resources: IVETS (veterans.uiowa.edu)