Have questions about the shuttle or your reservation? See if you can find your question below:

Q. How do I cancel my ride?

A. You can cancel your ride up to 24 hours before your scheduled shuttle. Cancel by emailing uisgairport@gmail.com. Or you can call Yellow Cab directly at 319-341-7939. Reservations cannot be made over the phone.

Q. I am trying to make my reservation, but the forms say they are unavailable. What do I do?

A. If the reservation forms are unavailable it is likely because we are not taking reservations at this time, or because the forms are under maintenance. Reservation forms should always be open within one week leading up to the deadline for reservations.

Q. I have a very early/late flight, will I still be able to request a ride?

A. Potentially, if you reach out far enough in advance we may be able to accomodate you.

Q. Can I change my reservation after I have submitted it?

A. Yes! To make any changes to your reservation email uisgairport@gmail.com. 

Q. Can I still ride if I need to travel outside of service dates?

A. Possibly, if reservations are open then you can email david-keffala-gerhard@uiowa.edu If reservations are closed UISG can provide you with suggestions for alternative transportation. All reservation deadlines are firm.

Q. Who can use this service?

A. Any University of Iowa Student. This service is funded by revenue collected from the Student Activities Fee. Thanks to a partnership with the Graduate & Professional Student Government, Graduate and Professional students are also invited to use the service.

Q. How can I ride for free?

A. After you ride the shuttle you will be sent a feedback survey on your quality of service. 10 participants will be randomly selected and given free ride coupons for their next ride.

Q.  I submitted my reservation form, but I haven't heard back yet. What should I do?

A. You don't have to do anything! Once you have submitted the form your reservation is received. Once reservations have closed, Yellow Cab will send out confirmations for pickups. If you have submitted your form you are good to go!

Q. Do I have to give Yellow Cab my email and phone number?

A. Yellow Cab will use your email to confirm your request, and your phone number to call you on pickup. Not providing Yellow Cab your contact information may increase your chances of missing a shuttle. No show fees will not be removed for incorrect or missing information. 

Q. I still have more questions, who can I contact?

A. Please contact Director of Student Services David Keffala-Gerhard (david-keffala-gerhard@uiowa.edu)