This is a black background with a 3 branch structure showing the 3 branches of the organization and their positions.

Are you interested in getting involved with Undergraduate Student Government? Here are the different ways you can!

Ways to join USG

Each March, University of Iowa Student Government holds elections for the student body to vote in the President, Vice-President, At-Large Senators, Independent Senators, and Constituency Senators. Those running for office are expected to attend a mandatory information session early in the spring. If you have any further questions, please contact the Student Elections Commissioner, Alivia Rosendahl (, or the Assistant Student Elections Commissioner, Boris Miller (

At the beginning of each fall and spring semester, USG opens applications for vacant Senate positions. These applications are communicated to the Student Body via USG's social media and a mass email. In the fall, applications are available for 5 Freshman Senator positions.

As a Senator, you have the responsibility of representing the undergraduate student body, creating and voting on legislation relevant to student issues, and working on initiatives as a part of the USG committees you sit on. Senate Meetings are every Tuesday during the academic year from 7 - 10 PM. For more information on the responsibilities and powers of Senators, please consult the USG Governing Documents.

Following the conclusion of USG Elections in the spring, applications will be open for Executive Cabinet positions. The Executive positions which you can apply to can be found here.

As an Executive, you will work on various initiatives relevant to your position to improve the student experience. For more information regarding the selection and responsibilities of Executives, please consult the USG Governing Documents.

The Student Judicial Court is composed of 7 justices who are appointed either at the start of the administration or at the end of an administration to ensure SJC is its own advisory body. The first rounds of appointments the current President will open an application around the end of their administration and they will appoint 4 justices to serve. The second rounds of appointments will occur when the new administration has been decided by the USG elections, when they will open an application and appoint 3 justices. All Justices will be sworn in on the Inauguration Day with the rest of the Legislative and executive branch. 

The Student Judicial Court has 4 leadership positions. The first leadership positions is the Chief Justice who justices vote to act as the chair of SJC. They are responsible for running and scheduling meetings, as well as overseeing the success of SJC. The next positions is the Student Elections Commissioner (SEC), who is appointed by the Chief Justice. The SEC’s role is to oversee the process of the USG elections, including the development of rules and procedures to ensure fair, equitable, and accessible elections. Following the Student Elections Commissioner, there is the an Assistant Student Elections Commissioner that serves to aid the SEC in their role. The final leadership role in SJC is the Senate Liaison, who’s job is to attend senate sessions to update the other branches on the work SJC is doing. 

A flowchart showing how SJC members are appointed.

Are you interested in collaborating on an initiative with USG, or have an idea of your own? Please reach out to us at, and we can put you in touch with the relevant USG member! 

UISG has public Senate Meetings every Tuesday from 7 PM - 10 PM in the IMU’s Black Box Theater during the year. We encourage you to attend our meetings! 

Are you an undergraduate student interested in speaking during public access about upcoming legislation, an idea, or concerns you have? 

All students are welcome to share their thoughts on how to improve USG and the University of Iowa. If you would like to share a general concern, or initiative idea, or are interested in grabbing a meal with your representatives, email us at and we will be in touch with you.