Senate Meetings occur every Tuesday from 7-10 PM in the Black Box Theater in the Iowa Memorial Union. Meeting minutes are available upon request ( As with all emails, please give 24-48 hours for a response.

2023-2024 Passed Legislation

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Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor(s)Date
SSB1Confirmation of the 2023-2024 Executive CabinetSenator Vaddadi (On behalf of the Office Administrative Council)April 25th, 2023 
SSB2Recommendation of the 2023-2024 USG Senate Committees  Senator Manley (On behalf of the Office Administrative Council)April 25th, 2023 
SSB3Confirmation of the 2023-2024 Student Judicial CourtSenator Vaddadi (On behalf of the Office Administrative Council)April 25th, 2023 
SSB4Updating Executive Bylaws DescriptionsSenator ManleyApril 25th, 2023 
SSB6FY24 USG Operational BudgetSenator MeredithMay 2nd, 2023
SSB7Addition of Two Justices to the Student Judicial Court.Senator Bartlett (On behalf of the Student Judicial Court)August 29th , 2023
SSB8Constituency Senator ReformSenator Mohanty & Speaker EckardAugust 29th, 2023
SSB9Confirmation of the 2023-2024 MENASA Constituency SenatorSenator BartlettAugust 29th, 2023
SSB10 Confirmation of the Deputy Director of Health and SafetySenator RossSeptember 9th, 2023
SSB12Creation of the Senate Programming Account and Adjustment of the Contigency Reserve AccountSenator Shah, Senator Lancaster, Senator Meredith, Senator Michalski, Senator Vaddadi, Senator KnudsenSeptember 19th, 2023
SSB13Nomination of Kyler Mallett to SenateSenator Radz, Senator Zimmerman, Senator BartlettOctober 3rd, 2023
SSB14Senator 2023-2024 Committee Assignments and ExpansionSenator Bartlett, Senator WicksOctober 3rd, 2023
SSB15Nomination of Kieran Coe and Arthur Wynn to the Student Judicial CourtSenator BartlettOctober 17th, 2023
SSB16USG Support of NightCap Drink CoversSenator Ross, Senator VaddadiOctober 17th, 2023
SSB17Pride Alliance Center MBLGTACC FundingSenator Barron, Senator KnudsenOctober 17th, 2023
SSB19Appointment of the 2023-2024 Graphic DesignerSenator BartlettNovember 28th, 2023
SSB20Allocating $30,000 from the Reserve Account for Additional Support to SABACSenator Vaddadi (On behalf of the Office Administrative Council)November 28th, 2023
SSB21Revised Therapy Dog FundingSenator Cross, Dvorak, Stretti, LancasterDecember 5th, 2023
SSB22Allocation for Love For RedSenator Gaughan, Senator  Schrock, Senator Studer and Senator SpeerJanuary 23rd, 2024
SSB23Extending Voting Rights to the NCAA RepresentativeSenator BartlettJanuary 30th, 2024
SSB24Reallocation for ULC FundingSenator Shah and Senator AminJanuary 30th, 2024
SSB25Funding for Food Pantry T-shirtsSenator Lancaster, Senator Shah, and Senator SewardFebruary 6th, 2024
SSB26Subsidized Ride-Share Pilot ProgramSenator Arnold, Senator Casey, Senator Dettbarn, Senator KnudsonFebruary 6th, 2024
SSB27USG Funding for ASIST TrainingSenator Michaelski and Speaker EckardFebruary 13th, 2024
SSB28Iowa Student Leadership Experience FundingSenator Dvorak and Senator SheeleyFebruary 13th, 2024
SSB29Constituency Senator ReformSenator Mohanty, Speaker Eckard, Speaker Pro Tempore WicksApril 2nd, 2024
SSB30Constituency Senator Appointment Constitutional AmendmentSenator Moahnty, Speaker Eckard, Speaker Pro Tempore Wicks April 2nd, 2024
SSB31Director of Academic Affairs Bylaw Job Description Change Senator Lancaster & Senator Shah March 26th, 2024
SSB32USG Support to Student Name Change FundSenator Schrock and Joglekar April 2nd, 2024
SSB33Addition of Amendment Procedure in Green Initiatives Fund (GIF) Bylaws Senator Knudsen, Sheeley, Vaddadi April 2nd, 2024
SSB34Establishment of the BRIDGE FundSenator Casey and BarronApril 2nd, 2024
SSB35Allocation of $15,000 for the establishment of the BRIDGE FundSenator ShahApril 2nd, 2024

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Resolution NumberResolution TitleSponsor(S)Date
SSR1USG Support for PCC Changes: Senator Bartlet,  Vice President O’BrienAugust 29th, 2023
SSR2Supplying NARCAN in Iowa City Downtown District Establishments copy.pdfSenator Speer, Senator Studer Contributers: Director Zeimet, City Liasions Monsivais and LeFevreSeptember 26th, 2023
SSR3Reforming and Changing the Overall Presentation of USG DocumentsSenator MohantyOctober 31st, 2023
SSR5Establishing Indigenous Peoples' Day as a University HolidaySenator Barron, Martinez, and Kim, Director Behning and Director QidwaiNovember 28th, 2023
SSR6Adopting Middle Eastern North African and Arab as an Individual Ethnic Category on all University of Iowa DocumentsSenator Amin, Assadi, and HaddyFebruary 27th, 2023
SSR8Resolution Addressing American Gun ViolenceSenator Bartlett and RossFebruary 27th, 2023