What is HawkIdeas?

HawkIdeas is the official petition site of University of Iowa Student Government , and provides a way for students to share and open up a dialog surrounding ideas that can improve the lives of everyone on and around the University of Iowa campus. Anyone affiliated with the University of Iowa can contribute ideas to the site and petition for, comment on, and share others ideas. In USG's ongoing effort to empower students, USG worked with Information Technology Services (ITS) to create HawkIdeas, paving the way for individuals to create institutional impact.

How can I submit an idea?

 Confirm no one has recently posted a similar idea to yours already.

  1. Go to the "Ideas" page and click the big yellow "Submit an Idea" button.
  2. Log in with your Hawk ID and password if requested.
  3. Add an idea title, idea description, and add any categories that are relevant to your idea.
  4. Check your idea for grammar and spelling errors (this will make it more likely for people to support your idea).
  5. Review the HawkIdeas Moderation Policy and ensure your idea does not violate the policy.
  6. Your idea will be reviewed by a part of the USG team within seven days to ensure no violation of the HawkIdeas Moderation Policy and then approved or rejected based on their findings. An appeal process is available for those who wish to appeal a rejected idea.
  7. Congrats! Your idea has been posted on the website. We recommend you share the idea with your fellow students on social media, making it more likely for them to see it and get more signatures!

How can my idea create actual change?

If your idea receives 50 upvotes, you will receive an official response from USG leadership. USG may also respond to a post with less than 50 upvotes at their discretion. Additionally, if an idea gets 1000 upvotes or more, the original author of the idea will be contacted to see if they would like to have the idea become a formal petition, to be voted on by the student body during the following USG Election.