Executive Cabinet


Shalini Birari

Director of Health and Safety

Alexis Folkers

Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer

Airiana Mohr

Director of Operations
Libbey Smith

Libbie Smith

Director of Sustainability

Kate Struble

Director of External Relations

Anna Van Heukelom

City Liaison

Sierra Wicks

Director of Governmental Relations

Jennie Yang

Director of Academic Affairs



Jack Lauer

Speaker of the Senate

Joshua Brown

Senator at Large

Alexis Carfrae

Senator at Large

Cameron Coates

Senator at Large

Natalie Durham

Academic Affairs Committee Chair

Emily Hagedorn

Finance Committee Chair

Katie Michalski

Internal Affairs Committee Chair

Omar Mustafa

Health and Safety Committee Chair

Nicholas Nachtman

Justice & Equity Committee Chair

Marco Oceguera

Academic Affairs Committee Chair

Prakruti Pancholi

Senator at Large

Benton Renaud

Senator at Large

Lauren Salloum

Sustainability Committee Chair

Drew Sloan

Senator at Large

Sam Stucky

External Relations Committee Chair

Ryan Westhoff

Senator at Large

Logan Williams

Senator at Large

Mitch Winterlin

Student Life Committee Chair