For any additional questions not addressed in the FAQ, please reference the USG Election Code

Q: Are there grade requirements to be eligible to run?

A: Yes, all students must be in, and maintain, “good standing” with the University. Requirements vary amongst different colleges. In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), a student must be not on either academic or disciplinary probation. CLAS requirements: 2.0 or higher, and not on disciplinary probation. Eligibility will be verified by the SEC, the Registrar, and the Office of Student Accountability.

Q: Where can I find the election materials online?

A: Elections information will be made available under the "Elections" tab of the main USG website. Campaign materials and forms will be made on the SEC Engage portal.

Q: Where do I turn in campaign materials?

A: Executive Letters of Intent and petitions must be submitted to the Dean's Office in 135 IMU. Other forms such as material and cost submission approval forms can either be turned in to the Dean's Office or emailed to the SEC.

Q: Before the campaigning period begins, are you allowed to ask students to commit to wearing a campaign’s t-shirt or supporting on social media? (eg. asking for support through marketing methods or asking for a student org endorsement?)

A: Asking a student or a group of students to make a pledge to support you in any way, whether it be through wearing campaign paraphernalia or promising a vote, is considered campaigning and is prohibited until the campaign period opens. Requests for student org endorsements can only be made after the approved candidate meeting.

However, if you are planning on asking your peers to help with producing campaign materials (eg. a campaign video with students wearing your shirts that is to debut during the designated campaign period) or fundraising (eg. verbally asking 'Would you like to donate to support my campaign?'*) is permitted. 

*It is advised that you do not post requests for donations or fundraising on social media due to potential interpretations of such requests as campaigning.

Q: In what ways can a campaign interact with student organization leaders before the campaigning period?

A: Prospective candidates are not allowed to contact heads of student organizations until after the approved candidate meeting. After campaigns have been verified at the meeting, they may contact heads of student orgs about meeting with them to secure support during the designated campaign period.

If you seek the support of a student org or business, you must fill out the appropriate paperwork available on Engage. Once the paperwork is approved by the SEC, you are allowed to claim support from a student org, but you are not allowed to claim support from a private business. Private business forms only allow for candidates to post campaign materials in the premises.  

Q: What constitutes a “Senate-Only” ticket? If I am interested, how do I set one up?

A: A senator-only ticket is a group of senators who choose to run together on a platform of issues which does not have candidates for President and Vice President.

To set up a ticket of senators, it’s most important to network and comprise your ticket of people that you would like to run with. It is also important to decide on your group’s platform. As for paperwork, all candidates must fill out petitions (with 75 signatures each) and bond forms, all of which must be turned into 135 IMU at the same time. You must send your proposed ticket name via email to the SEC for approval.

Q: What is the definition of an in kind donation? 

A: An in-kind donation is defined as "donations of materials, services, etc. that otherwise would have been purchased. In-kind donations must be accounted for at their fair market value. (II.K)"

For example, if someone donates a box of markers to a campaign, it is the responsibility of the campaign to report the box of markers on their finance report as if they had bought it. However, if a candidate already owned a box of markers prior to the campaign and decided to use them to make posters, they do not need to report the box as a purchase or in-kind donation.

Q: Do business discounts count as in-kind donations?

A: Yes. In order to use business discounts in the 2019 UISG elections, they must be reported as in-kind donations or purchases if the campaign covers the amount discounted. Additionally, business discounts cannot be campaign specific. Discount codes must bring attention to the USG election as a whole. Examples of this can be: "Elections 2019", "USG Elections", or "Go Vote!". Using party names as codes will not be permitted.

Q: Are campaigns and candidates able to reserve space in the IMU similarly to a student organization?

A: No. Campaigns will no longer go through IMU Event Services to rent spaces. IMU Event Services will provide booked times and dates for the purpose of tabling that the SEC will equally divide between tickets and independent senators. Any other reservations through Event Services or Classrooms is in violation of the Elections Code. Additionally, student orgs cannot reserve rooms on behalf of campaigns regardless of endorsement status.