USG Mission Statement

The University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government (USG) exists to represent, serve, and empower all University of  Iowa undergraduate students. As a valued member of University Shared Governance, we offer input and guidance to staff, faculty, and administrators on issues that matter to students and act as the official student voice to the Board of  Regents, the State of  Iowa, and local and federal legislators. We also allocate the Student Activity Fee to organizations, services, and initiatives on campus that serve students. USG listens to the diverse needs, concerns, and perspectives of the student body and constantly strives to respond with solutions that foster a better community for student living and learning.


USG Values

USG works to amplify the student voice to University of Iowa staff, faculty, and administrators, as well as the Board of Regents, the State of Iowa, and the nation. We strive to acknowledge and honor the diverse needs, concerns, and perspectives of students as we advocate for the collective good of the student body.

USG values the multitude of individuals and organizations that contribute to the well-being of our diverse university community. We believe that building relationships and coalitions among these stakeholders - including local, state, and national partners - furthers our collective mission.

USG is dedicated to a sense of community by: developing relationships, listening and responding to student concerns, sharing information and resources, and creating opportunities to contribute to the Hawkeye community.

USG will use its privilege as a representative body to create change that benefits and empowers all students. We recognize the historic and current marginalization and oppression of many identities within our university community and across the world, and we will strive to include those identities through active engagement. The pursuit of justice and equity must always guide our work.

USG is committed to producing quality results for students in a timely manner. We strive to foster a results-oriented organizational culture that ensures we effectively respond to the needs of all students.

USG will approach issues in thoughtful and innovative ways, and we will build on the progress of past student leaders. We will advocate for evidence-based, sustainable solutions to student issues.

All of USG’s work should be accomplished in the most honest, transparent, and ethical manner possible.