Progress Reports

The USG Progress Reports provide an overview of the organization as a whole during a given period. This includes the members of USG, our mission, values, initiative progress, financials, and legislation during that time.

Current Administration Reports

Past Administration Reports

Service Reports

This report is intended to summarize UISG's Comprehensive Service Audit as completed by the Director of Student Services. The service report will give a general background on individual services; but moreover, share general goals and progress on services. This report will be issued once a semester in order keep students up-to-date.

Demographics Reports

The purpose of this report is to better understand USG’s composition and historical affiliations and trends. From that, USG can better establish transparency with students outside of the organization and provide an evidence-based approach to tackling USG’s internal affairs. This report was created to uphold a section of the student bill of rights: To ensure every student has the right to be represented by a democratic students government.

Strategic Plans

The purpose of the USG Strategic Plan is to ensure the long-term improvement of USG. Through self-reflection and aspirational goal-setting, the Strategic Plan helps to identify areas of improvement and strategies to improve upon them, to ensure we are fulfilling our mission in accordance with our values.