Welcome to the USG Textbook Drive, where you can get access to 300 completely free textbooks! 

We encourage you to look through the list of textbooks below and see if anything could help you with your classes this semester.  

If you find a book that you would like, note the book’s three-digit ID number and fill out the form below to officially request the book. In the form, you can choose what time during the week is best for you to come to the USG office in the IMU (Room 260B) and pick up your textbook.  

Once you turn in the form, the USG Director of Academic Affairs will send you a confirmation email to ensure you get your textbook as soon as possible.  

General Guidelines: 

  • A person can take no more than five books out of the textbook drive collection per semester. 

  • This drive is limited to University of Iowa undergraduate and graduate students. 

  • Students do not need to prove that they are taking a class or need a certain book to take a book out of the textbook drive collection. 

  • To pick up the textbook, students must come to the USG office in the IMU, Room 260B. We will not ship or take textbooks to students. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email our Director of Academic Affairs, Amira Qidwai.