2021 Executive, Independent, Constituency, and Ticket Candidates will be listed here. If you are an approved candidate, you will be notified by the Elections Commissioner to submit information, if you choose to do so. 

With any further questions, please contact Katie Michalski (katherine-michalski@uiowa.edu)

Ticketed Candidates: 

Presidential/Vice Presidential Tickets

Senatorial Tickets


SOAR is a ticket made up of 11 members with various majors, interests, and ideas. We seek to Support, Organize, Advocate, and Represent students across campus. We will support student organizations through increases in student organization funding, promoting the Green Initiatives Fund, and more! We will organize for the future by promoting and implementing sustainable practices across campus, increasing the advertising of student resources, and more! We will advocate for student voices by advocating for increased funding from the state legislature, promoting student civic engagement in local and state governments, and more! We will represent all communities on campus by diversifying our senate and collaborating on initiatives with multicultural campus groups, funding initiatives that promote DEI and DEI training, and more! SOAR will take the undergraduate student body to new heights by creating and doing more!

  • Yardley Whaylen [SOAR]
  • Sierra Wicks [SOAR]
  • Adam Burghduff [SOAR]
  • Samantha Stucky [SOAR]
  • Airiana Mohr [SOAR]
  • Katherine Michalski [SOAR]
  • Jack Lauer [SOAR]
  • Ryan Longenecker [SOAR]
  • Omar Mustafa [SOAR]
  • Patrick Johnson [SOAR]
  • Emily Hagedorn [SOAR]

 YOUIowa -- Information not submitted 

  • Vera Barkosky [YOUIowa]
  • Prakruti Pancholi [YOUIowa]
  • Drew Sloan [YOUIowa]
  • Logan Williams [YOUIowa]
  • Ellie Miglin [YOUIowa]
  • Marc Davis [YOUIowa]
  • Benton Renaud [YOUIowa]
  • Christian Frankl [YOUIowa]
  • Natalie Durham [YOUIowa]
  • Marco Antonio Oceguera [YOUIowa]
  • Ryan Westhoff [YOUIowa]
  • Cameron Coates [YOUIowa]
  • Carter Simon [YOUIowa]
  • Mitchell Winterlin [YOUIowa]
  • Alexis Carfrae [YOUIowa] 

Independent Candidates:

  • Zach Springer [Independent]
  • My name is Zach Springer, and I’m an Economics and Political Science major here at the University of Iowa. Outside of USG, I am a Tippie Learning Coach, am involved in Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity, am involved in the Honors Program, and volunteer at the Salvation Army. I’ve loved my time at Iowa, and I want to ensure that all students have the opportunity and access to do the same. I am running on inclusivity for students and others struggling with mental illness and physical disabilities, focusing on ensuring we provide sufficient resources and encourage access to them. I am also striving to get students more involved on campus by promoting student organization fairs, events and activities on campus, and career resources and opportunities. My goal is to give students at the University of Iowa the best possible experience while ensuring they have access to all the resources and aid they need to guarantee this. 

Joshua Brown [Independent] -- information not provided

Lauren Salloum [Independent] -- information not provided

Andrew Froemel [Independent] -- information not provided

Camden Studer [Independent] -- information not provided

Constituency Senators

Nick Nachtman [LGBTQ+] -- information not provided

Xiangheng Li [First Gen Student] -- information not provided

Sam Andrus [Veteran] -- information not provided