USG Executives serve under the President and Vice President within their administrative goals and USG mission, executing projects pertaining to each area of expertise. All Executive Cabinet applicants shall demonstrate a knowledge of their character, interests, and leadership styles. Ideal applicants have a vision for the ideal future of UI student life, as well as the USG mission, values, and operations. Qualified applicants may be eligible for pay.

    Applications are currently closed. 

    Executive Positions

    Position Status Deadline Application
    Cabinet Director Closed    
    Director of Finance Closed    
    Director of Communications Closed    
    Director of Governmental Relations Closed    
    City Liaison Closed    
    Deputy City Liaison Closed    
    Director of Academic Affairs Closed    
    Director of External Relations Closed    
    Director of Health & Safety Closed    
    Director of Justice & Equity Closed    
    Director of Operations Closed    
    Director of Student Services Closed    
    Director of Sustainability Closed    


    Communications Team Positions

    Position Status deadline application
    Social Media Manager Closed    
    Graphic Designer Closed    
    Photographer/Videographer Closed