Wednesday, October 28, 2015

UISG is looking for Fraternity and Sorority Life organizations and Multicultural Student Organizations to take a stand in campus culture. We would like to invite you and your student organization to participate in this year's Get To Know Us program! 

By participating in the GTKU program, your student organization will be partnered up with another organization on campus to promote cross-cultural relationships during the Spring 2016 semester. As a student at the University of Iowa and an active member of campus, you and your student organization have the ability to be a catalyst for change! Please see the information below about the requirements of the program.

Feel free to email Diversity Liaison Noopur Inani with any questions!


Purpose statement:

To foster a learning process between students who come from different cultural backgrounds.


  1. Complete an educational experience by (doing 1 of the following)
    1. Attending a recognized multicultural event together or
    2. Co-hosting a multicultural event together or
    3. Attending an approved diversity training session
  2. Plan a joint social event (dinner exchange, bowling, BBQ, etc);
  3. Plan a joint community service event/project; (the pair also has the option of signing up as a volunteer group for a list of pre-approved service options).
  4. Organization leaders attend monthly meetings hosted by the UISG Diversity Liaison.

Note: For each of the above events, each organization is required to have at least 10% of their total members or at least 8 members to participate, whichever one is greater.


Do you think your organization would be a great participant in the GTKU program?

To express your interest please have an executive member of your organization send an email to the UISG Diversity Liaison Noopur Inani providing the following information:


Organization Name:

Student Name:

Your Role:

Organization Summary/Purpose:


1. Why does your organization want to get involved in this program? Essentially, what are you goals for participating in the Get To Know Us program?

2. What's the size of your organization? (active member)

3. Do you have a preference of which multicultural organization you hope to work with? If yes, why?


If your organization does not identify as a multicultural organization nor as a member of Fraternity/Sorority life, but you think it would benefit from participating in this program, please contact the University of Iowa Student Government Diversity Liaison Noopur Inani