Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Trigger Warning: This message addresses the topic of sexual assault.


Dear University of Iowa Students,


On Thursday, September 7, the Secretary of Education Betsy Devos announced that the Department of Education (DOE) will consider rescinding or revising the Dear Colleague Letter. This document has issued guidance to higher education institutions on appropriate compliance with Title IX as it relates to sexual violence. At this point, it is unclear what changes may be made, and the DOE has not released a timeline for making said changes. UISG stands against any rollbacks on current Title IX protections or alterations to the guidance provided by the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter. The University of Iowa has taken positive strides to improve policies and procedures in regards to sexual violence on campus, and as students, we stay committed to this progress. UISG will stay up-to-date on this issue and advocate for policies that will support survivors and prevent offenders from committing acts of sexual violence.


As leaders of the University of Iowa Student Government, we are dedicated to the safety of all students. We are wholly committed to eliminating sexual violence on campus and within our community. Perpetration of sexual violence will not be tolerated in our community. In addition, the announcement has advanced victim-blaming rhetoric, and we denounce any rhetoric that suggests survivors are at fault for the actions of a perpetrator.


For more information on initiatives about our university’s progress, please review the University of Iowa Anti-Violence Plan.




Jacob Simpson, UISG President

Lilián Sánchez, UISG Vice President