Monday, November 11, 2019

In recent months, several marketing campaigns have commodified at-home sexual assault kits under the guise of empowering victims/survivors. We acknowledge that it is important for victims/survivors to feel empowered in their choice to either utilize or not utilize any number of formal reporting, counseling, and/or medical options. However, these self-administered sexual assault kits are not medically comprehensive, may not be considered admissible evidence in courts of law, and take advantage of sexual assault victims/survivors for a profit.

The Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct (SACSM), would like to remind students of the various on-campus and community resources available to them. In the state of Iowa, sexual assault medical exams are available from a trained nurse examiner at all hours of the day. We want to stress that these are free and medically protective services oriented towards victim/survivor wellbeing.

If you would like to learn more about the sexual assault medical exam process, please visit

For additional information on resources and other support options, please visit


Ganon Evans, Kayla Faust, Eunae Han, Mykala Housholder, Margaret Klemme, Charlotte Namakula, Emmy Palmersheim, Mariah Pride, Javon Stovall, Pearl Tate, Paula Valino, Olivia Westemeier, Taya Westfield, Addison Woll