The City of Iowa City has several programs and ordinances in place for all residents living in apartments and houses to have on-site recycling where they live.

In November 2016, an apartment recycling ordinance was passed to increase the availability of recycling for Iowa City residents. This stated that landlords need to offer on-site recycling for tenants in order to renew their rental permits. Over the last few years, City staff have been working to bring rental companies into compliance with the ordinance.

If you do not have recycling where you live, or if you do not know how to use the program, we are here to help.

1. If you are unsure if you have recycling at your apartment or there are improvements needed:

Check with your landlord to confirm if you do or do not  have recycling on site. If your landlord says they do not have recycling, please report this as "Housing: Recycling Issues" at and provide your apartment's address and recycling status.

2. If you have recycling, but do not know how to use the program:

Check with your landlord for program information. If your landlord does not have information, access information at

3. If you live in a single-family home or apartment building with 4 or less units:

If this description fits you, that means that you have City of Iowa City curbside collection for trash, recycling, and organics (food waste + yard waste).  

Off-Campus Recycling Printable Guide

Learn how to recycle at the curb at

Need a recycling or organics cart? Call 319.356.5151.

We hope this information helps to make recycling easier and more accessible. If you have further recycling questions, please contact the City of Iowa City Recycling Coordinator at