Tuesday, October 4, 2016

CFO Status and Application Process: 


Collaboratively Funded Organizations:

Collaboratively Funded Organizations (CFOs) are a small subset of the many groups that receive funding from UI student governments. Organizations seeking to become CFOs must go through a competitive and rigorous application process. If they are granted CFO status, these organizations are often approved for more funds than other student organizations because of the wide-reaching nature of their work. 

CFOs must be large in their size, scope, and impact. Unlike most student organizations, the University of Iowa Student Government (UISG) and the Graduate & Professional Student Government (GPSG) jointly fund CFOs. Therefore, it is critical these organizations benefit undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at the University of Iowa. Events or services provided by CFOs should be of low or no cost to ensure as many students are welcome to participate as possible. 

CFOs should be leading organizations on campus and promote greater university values. They should seek to be inclusive, sustainable, innovative, and collaborative. Additionally, CFOs must also prove they are well managed and have proper oversight over finances. Organizations applying to become CFOs are judged based on a variety of subjective indicators that help our Joint Finance Committee determine the viability of each organization.

Applications are included with this message and must be submitted by November 1st. Additionally, executive board members from each respective student organization will be required to present to the Joint Finance Committee on Sunday, November 13th. The application process ends November 1, 2016.


Application here


Any questions can be directed to to Adam Dellos (adam-dellos@uiowa.edu).