Willie Zheng

First-Generation Constituency Senator

Class of 2026

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hometown: Marion, IA

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

Additional Involvement: ARH-Associated Residence Halls (Catlett Hall), Model UN at UIowa, 1st Gen Hawks Peer Mentor, 1stGen@Iowa Advisory Board, Learning Assistant, and Resident Assistant.

What are some goals and/or initiatives you are excited to work on this term?: In this administration, I want to work on a comprehensive list for all the different resources including all the different student organizations available here on campus - a One-Stop Shop for everything that Iowa has to offer. By streamlining all the resources into one place, it provides a more efficient way for students to access the resources needed and utilize them as needed. In addition, I want to continue to advocate for affordability on and off campus in terms of tuition and off-campus housing as 1st Generation students are often money conscious due to the uncertainty of post-secondary education so it's important to be cost-effective here at the University of Iowa to continue to be a destination for in-state and out-of-state students. Lastly, I want to increase the number of roundtables and conversations with students no matter their background to hear their voices and concerns and address them as much as possible here in USG.