Executive Code of Conduct Agreement 

THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into upon submission of this form, between the University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government President and the position indicated above, held by the undersigned, outlines the expectations and responsibilities which justify payment and employment. 

This Agreement shall begin on May 1st, 2020 and ends May 30th, 2021 unless terminated earlier. Termination or resignation may be initiated by either party given two (2) weeks written notice. The President may only initiate termination for failure of the undersigned to fulfill the responsibilities and expectations enumerated below,  


The USG President may initiate termination of position for failure to fulfill the following: 

Communication and Record-Keeping 

  • Maintain an updated Outlook Calendar at least one (1) month into the future
  • Use the shared USG SharePoint to create and store relevant documents
  • CC the Cabinet Director on all USG-relevant email correspondence
  • Respond within 48 hours to correspondence requesting information
  • Communicate to the President, Vice President, and Cabinet Director any conflicts which will impact the fulfillment of the Responsibilities and Expectations 
  • Be open and responsive to student questions and engagement
  • Ensure that the USG Office (260B IMU) is a productivework spacewith appropriate discussion and language for representatives of the student body 
  • Make continual progress towards goals outlined by the 2020-2021USG Platform and goals agreed upon individually with the Cabinet Director 
  • Maintain professionalism on all social media platforms 

The following behavior will not be tolerated: 

-posting negative content about the USG and/or its members 

-engaging in unconstructive, negative arguments about University of Iowa affairs 

-attacking/negatively singling-out specific students and/or student organizations 


  • Attend Student Senate Sessions unless previously excused by the Cabinet Director
  • Attend Executive Cabinet meetings unless previously excused by the Cabinet Director

Committee Meetings 

  • Maintain a professional relationship with the respective committee chair and members of the respective committee; at a minimum, this includes being attentive during Committee Meetings, committed to the effective work of the Committee, and supportive of the Committee Chair

Office Hours 

  • Fulfill required office hours (time counted as office hours must be time devoted to accomplishing

UISG initiatives or conducting outreach for USG) 

  • Record all office hours for the week by 11:59 PM on the Sunday that concludes the respective week of work (for weeks when the Cabinet Director requests office hour records)
  • Be responsive to requests by the Cabinet Director for additional measures used to keep track of work progress
  • Attend scheduled public office hours for students to visit you


To ensure a productive environment, the following steps will be taken prior to termination:  

  1. An initial email of warning will be sent by the President or Cabinet Director.
  2. A meeting with the President, Vice President, Cabinet Director, and USG Advisor will be set to clearly identify the failure and identify ways to rectify the failure. 
  3. Should the failure to fulfill expectations continue after the above actions are taken, then termination of the undersigned will be initiated.




THIS COMMUNITY AGREEMENT is designed to build and support a productive working environment for the members of the Executive Cabinet. On May 19th, 2020 at the Executive Cabinet Retreat, the Executive Cabinet established the following conditions as the Community Agreement: