USG funding is meant to serve as supplemental funding rather than a primary source of funding. For fiscal year 22, the finance committee has $12,600 to spend for every two week period. In order to keep on track with this budget, line items may not be able to be fully funded during certain funding periods. In the fall 2019 semester, this typically meant not funding travel and/or only funding approximately 50% of requests. The Finance Committee will also prioritize requests less than $50.

This funding is meant to support organizations and events that primarily affect undergraduate students.

The Finance Committee is the committee within USG that makes allocation decisions, budgets for USG finances, and audits funds used for student organizations. This committee is comprised of up to seven voting members. The Finance Committee uses the Maximum Funding Standards in order to determine funding decisions for student organizations. The maximum amount of funding that could be allocated to a student organization for each category during each funding period is given. Student organizations are encouraged to closely follow the Maximum Funding Standards when submitting budgets. The Finance Committee respectfully asks that student organizations not apply for funds that exceed the Maximum Funding Standards. The Finance Committee will not fund more than allowed. These standards do not guarantee funding. Items not specifically outlined in the standards are up to the discretion of the committee; they will be considered using maximums from similar categories. The Finance Committee reserves the right to lower standards per period as necessary.

Funding for an event must be requested at least two weeks in advance of the event*. If the request is submitted less than two weeks before the event, the proposal will not be considered.

*No retroactive funding will be approved. Any event that has already occurred will not be able to receive funds.

Once a request is approved or denied, a request cannot be made again for the same items. Please see Appeals Process for any further inquires or contact the Director of Finance Jack Carrell (

USG will not fund Campus/General Organization or Affiliated/Departmental Student Organization events that generate profit or fundraise through charging for admission. However, voluntary donations may be accepted.

The Finance Committee Maximum Funding Standards

Category Maximum Funding Requirements



No funding.



Banner must be reusable for multiple years and/or for multiple events.

One banner per organization per fiscal year.

Conference Registration Fee


Must provide number of individuals and documentation for conference registration.



The decorations must be culturally significant.

Efforts to ensure sustainability of purchases will be heavily considered when reviewing any requests for decorations.

Digital Media Subscription


Once per fiscal year.

Must pertain to the main function of the student organization. Examples may include web design and graphic design softwares.

Equipment Purchase


Must store equipment on campus. A member’s residence is not sufficient.

This equipment must be used for multiple events/projects in order to sustain the operation of the student organization

If your organization needs equipment for an event, please first consider emailing, who is potentially willing and able to lend certain items. 

Equipment Rental


Must provide documentation for all anticipated costs and reasons for equipment rentals.

Provide anticipated attendance for event or activity.

IMU equiment rental fees

If your organization needs equipment for an event, please first consider emailing, who is potentially willing and able to lend certain items. 

Event Advertising



Funding can be applied to print and social media marketing.

Film Rights


Must provide documentation of film’s source and cost.

Please visit the Lead and Engage website for details.



Please consult USG’s website for information about the CSIL Grant and Green Initiatives Fund.

The food must be necessary to the existence of the organization or culturally significant.

Homecoming Entry


Per organization

Honoraria/Speaker Fee


Must provide description of event, honoraria, expected attendance, and cost breakdown.

No funding for honoraria speaking/performing outside of Iowa City.

IMU Welcome Center Fees


$12 per staff/hour

$10 Cash Box rental

$30 Setup fee



No funding.

Office Supplies


Funding for supplies, not decorations (e.g., markers).

Note the Student Activity Center & USG office have office/crafting supplies free of charge. Contact the the Finance Committee Chair at for more information.

On-Campus Conferences


All on-campus conferences must be approved by Senate.

Please contact the Finance Committee Chair at at least 6 weeks in advance with a detailed budget and reasoning for the conference. They will draft the legislation to be proposed at Senate.

Off-campus conferences, see Trip funding below.

Organizational Advertising


Funding can be applied to print and social media marketing.

Organizational Membership & Registration Fees


No membership fees dues or affiliation dues or shall be funded.



Must be made available to all University of Iowa Students.

Security Personnel


$50 per hour/per personnel.

Stage Extension


Up to 20 units with each costing $30.

Sustainability Efforts


Funding for zero waste events, etc. Please see USG’s Green Initiatives Fund.

SVP Video Contract


Must provide documentation of contract with SVP.

USG will only fund a maximum of one contract per funding period.



Travel will be the last priority of funding.

Must provide details/reason for trip, expected number of students participating, and breakdown of anticipated costs.

We will only fund either University Fleet Services or airfare.

Eligibility for University Fleet Services is determined by SOBO & Risk Management.

No airfare will be funded within 375 miles of the university.

Max funding per person per night for lodging: $50. Please maximize room occupancy, following hotel policies.

Max funding per vehicle for transportation: See SOBO and Fleet Services Guidelines. Please contact SOBO with any questions regarding reimbursement for travel. 

Max funding per person for transportation if flying: $150



No funding for giveaways, prizes, etc.



No funding


Room Rentals

Room Maximum


Main Lounge


2nd Floor Ballroom


Sun porch (AV charge of $25)


North Room


South Room $52
Black Box Theater $125

Field House (per hour)

Badminton Court


Basketball Court






Racquetball Court


South Gym


North Gym


Main Deck


Activity Rooms

$15, $20, or $35

Residence Halls

Currier North Lounge


Currier MPR

$200.00 ( + $75 set up charge)

Mayflower South MPR

$55.00 ( + $40 set up charge)

Mayflower Conference Room


Petersen MPR

$250.00 ( + $75 set up charge)

Petersen East Half of MPR (w/stage)

$175.00 ( + $75 set up charge)

Petersen West Half of MPR

$125.00 ( + $75 set up charge)

Petersen Seminar Room


Other University Building


Old Brick


Kinnick Press Box


Non University Building


Custodial Fee for University Building Room Rental



 *Failure to comply with maximum funding standards will result in a loss of allocated funds and/or probation of funds by USG. USG reserves the right to freeze accounts if money is being used in an unethical or suspicious manner.  USG also reserves the right to audit any one account at any time if the student organization is recognized by the University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government.

Student organizations may petition to the The Finance Committee if their needs cannot be met with these standards. Petitions may be emailed to

The Finance Team Appeals Process:

How to Appeal