Student Activity Fee Allocations Report:

This report shows all the student activity fee allocations by USG - which are approved by the Student Activity Fee Committee, composed of both students and staff. 

- Fiscal Year 22

Student Organization Budget Requests:

This is a detailed report on all the funding requests from student organizations received by both USG and GPSG. "Only the "approved" items under the USG process listed in the file below received funding." They only received funding at the "adjusted amount." This document is updated approximately every two weeks during the fall and spring semesters, as budgets are reviewed every two weeks. Any questions about what money was specifically allocated for can be directed to the Finance Chair Marco Oceguera or the Director of Finance Robert Jepsen, as these details cannot be exported from the Engage budgeting system.

2019 - 2020 School Year

USG Operational Budget Report:

This is the budget USG uses to pay for recurring costs. Some examples of our recurring payments include stipends, services such as the USG Airport Shuttle, collaborations with the Office of the Dean of Students, and venue fees for our weekly senate meetings.

Fiscal Year 22

Operational Budget FY22

For more information on how the Student Activity Fee - please visit Student Activity Fee.