Saturday, March 8, 2014

Applications are due Monday, April 7, 2014. Upon submission of the form, it is imperative that you sign up for a time to interview in IMU 145 (CSIL) by 5:00pm, Wednesday, April 9, 2014. Interviews will occur on Sunday, April 13, 2014 in room 245 IMU. 

To apply please fill out this application and submit the following in the designated areas:

  • Résumé/CV
  • ONE PAGE cover letter addressing the following information:
  1. Why you are applying for a position on a Presidential Charter or All-University Committee (be specific to your choices)
  2. Any experience you have related or similar to this position
  3. The amount of time you have to commit to the position.


For a description of the committees please see this list provided:


Appendix II.

Presidential Charter 

  • All committee members to serve one year term unless otherwise specified
  • An asterisk symbol (* ) denotes a student chair position available
  • Positions are available to all students (undergraduate, graduate, or professional) unless otherwise specified.



Campus Planning (3 positions): Work with issues concerning the physical campus, its facilities, its uses and its continued development.


Council on Teaching (4 positions):  Discusses the needs in the area of teaching and recommends appropriate programs.  Reviews procedures regarding evaluation of instruction, experimental programs, registration, convocations, and the calendar.  Advises on development of proposals for outside funding for promotion of teaching, and administers existing programs related to support of teaching.


Diversity (4 positions): Consider and recommend actions that will help support and fulfill diversity-related commitments made by the University under the University of Iowa Strategic Plan and other

University programs, plans, and policies (2 undergraduates, 1 professional, and 1 graduate student)


Family Issues (3 positions):  Reviews and recommends on the implementation of University childcare

programs and plans.  Reviews and recommends on the development and implementation of parenting and family care policies for faculty, staff, and students.


*Financial Aid Advisory (6 positions):  Advises on policies and procedures of counseling services and

criteria for evaluation applications for student financial assistance. (3 undergraduate, 2 graduate, 1 professional students)


*Hancher Auditorium (6 positions):  Advises the Director of Hancher Auditorium on policies relating to the use of the auditorium or event selection, on public relations to programs for Hancher, and on the educational, promotional, and financial aspects of its programs.


Human Rights (3 positions):  When no other grievance procedure exists, this committee receives and

investigates complaints of discrimination according to general University policy; attempts to eliminate discrimination through fact-finding and education and recognizes the outstanding achievements in promotion and protection of human rights.


Information Technology Advisory (2 positions): Provides advice to the Chief Information Officer and other campus leaders on IT issues of wide interest. Recognize present and future needs of faculty, staff, and students for computing services and formulate recommendations to maintain balance.


*Lectures (7 positions): Stimulate thought, discussion, and engagement by selecting an intellectually diverse program that brings the broader University of Iowa communities face-to-face with the world's notable thinkers throughout each academic year.

 Parking and Transportation(4 positions) :  Advises on short- and long-term plans for campus traffic and other modes of transportation, regulations, fees and appeal procedures for parking violations, and coordination of University transportation and facilities.


*Recreational Services (5 positions):  Advises on rules, schedules, and fees for University recreational

facilities, plans for modification or expansion of such facilities, and programs to ensure that recreational facilities are available to the entire University community.


Research Council (2 positions):  Evaluates and recommends the funding of proposals for research and advises in the formulation, review, and application of policy for University research and provides a forum to inform members about research opportunities. (1 graduate student)


*Student Health Services (6 positions):  Advises on health care provided to students and student families, provides information concerning student health insurance plans, advises on student participation in health surveys, and dissemination of information to the campus community about the availability of health care.


University Libraries (4 positions):  Advises the University Librarian on matters pertaining to the

development of the collections and services of the University Library System. (2 undergraduate and 2 graduate or professional)


University Safety and Security (3 positions):  Reviews and advises Administration regarding operation of the University Security Force.  Primary concerns include effectiveness of Public Safety in fulfilling public services and law enforcement functions.  In addition, the committee provides recommendations regarding the hiring, training, and compensations of security employees.



Appendix III.

Student Elections Commissioner and Student Judicial Board


  • All committee members to serve one year term unless otherwise specified
  • An asterisk symbol (* ) denotes a student chair position available
  • Positions are available to all students (undergraduate, graduate, or professional) unless otherwise specified.


Student Elections Commissioner (1 position): Has original jurisdiction over all rules, infractions, and questions arising out of election procedure. The rules are set forth by statutory order of the SEC. The SEC will hear all cases of election irregularities, discrepancies and violations of election rules. (Undergraduate students only)


Student Judicial Board (5 positions): The SJC shall have the authority to render advisory opinions upon the request of the UISG President, the ECGPS Chair, the SA or any senator who currently holds a seat in any of the senates. They have jurisdiction to interpret the PSGI Constitution, its by-laws, and any amendments hereto. The SJC shall also have appellate jurisdiction over disputes heard by the SEB or STC.


Appendix IV.

Additional University Committee Descriptions


  • All committee members to serve one year term unless otherwise specified
  • An asterisk symbol (* ) denotes a student chair position available
  • Positions are available to all students (undergraduate, graduate, or professional) unless otherwise specified.


Presidential Committee on Athletics (1 position): Has the responsibility for formulation and enforcement of University policy with respect to Big Ten Conference Rules (Non-Charter).


Sustainability Advisory Committee (1 position): Advises the Director of the Office of Sustainability and the President’s Sustainability Steering Group on policies and practices relate to sustainability. Key areas of interest are energy conservation and renewable energy; sustainable materials and life-cycle costs; green buildings and environmental friendly designs for new construction; reduction of carbon footprint; and the role of sustainability research and education in the academic mission (2-year term).


IMU Advisory Committee* (5 positions): Advise the Directors in formulating and reviewing general policies for events presented to the University community and others.  Provide feedback as requested on annual schedule of music, theater, dance, and the other performing arts, provide suggestions as requested on methods to increase revenue and audience