Amira Qidwai

Director of Academic Affairs

Pronouns: She/her

Hometown: Iowa City

Major: International Relations

Minor and/or certificates: Arabic and Geographic Information Science 

Additional Involvements around Campus: Module United Nations at Iowa, Muslim Students Association, Middle Eastern North African Students Association, Pakistani Students Association, South Asian Students Association, Undergraduate Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee

What are some goals and/or initiatives you are excited to work on this term?: I am passionate about improving students’ academic experiences at Iowa, especially concerning technology usage and accessible opportunities on campus. One of my priorities this year is advocating for more standardized and effective ICON pages across the University. Within this goal I want to set accessibility standards that professors should abide by, like mid-term grade deadlines, minimum text size on PowerPoints, and sample syllabi posted on MYUI during class registration. Another priority of mine is creating a guide of educational and career-oriented summer opportunities for students. As students, we are often told that summer is a valuable time for us to use to better ourselves, but the information on how to take advantage of this time can be vague and confusing. To remedy this, I plan on working with campus partners and Academic Affairs Committee Senators to create a guide that outlines students options, like studying abroad, applying to internships, working at home, volunteering in their community, studying for graduate school admissions exams, taking summer classes through the university, applying to scholarships to fund these opportunities, and taking a productive break that allows students to take time to focus on their mental health without needing to make academic or career oriented progress.