Amisha Mohanty

Justice and Equity Committee Chair

Birthplace: Massachusetts

Grew up: Long Island, New York and India;

Current hometown: Johnston

Major: B.S. in Economics and International Relations

Minor and/or certificates: Leadership Studies

Additional Involvement: ICRU Research Fellow; Presented team research at the Fall Undergraduate Research Festival '21; Member of Phi Eta Sigma: National Honor Society; Honors Diversity Council; and Career Leadership Academy Representative.

What are some previous initiatives you are proud to have worked on?: The Not Rich @UIowa Guide and Increasing Public Art on Campus.

What are some goals and/or initiatives you are excited to work on this term?: A Justice and Equity initiative (with Student Life and University Counseling) about creating more healing spaces for BIPOC and differently-abled students and Academic workshops that revolve around domestic students in a global community.