Hannah Williamsen

Parking Appeals Chair

Parking Appeals Chair: The Parking Appeals Justice is responsible for leading and overseeing the operations of the university parking ticket appeal committee. This Justice ensures fair and impartial adjudication of parking ticket appeals and upholds the integrity of the appeals process. This justice holds monthly meetings to go over all parking ticket appeals from the previous month's docket.

Class of 2025

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

Major: Human physiology on the pre-med track

Minor and/or certificates: Criminal Law and Justice

Additional Involvement: Medicus Board, Neuropathology Research, UIHC Emergency Department Volunteer, Sky Diving Club

What are some goals and/or initiatives you are excited to work on this term?: As the residing justice over parking ticket appeals, pursuing positive and lasting improvements for the operation as a whole is essential to my goal of efficiency, transparency, and fairness. As the leader of this organization I hope to improve transparency so students have a better idea of what happens once they appeal a parking ticket. I want to have clear and accessible guidelines for submitting appeals added to the student government website as well as a "what next" information section to learn about the process I go through for each ticket appeal. Along with this, I plan to promote better fairness and consistency within the process of reviewing parking ticket appeals. I will implement this by developing a standardized rubric that I and the other justices will use anytime we review an appeal. I hope everyone who goes through the appeals process feels as though their concerns were heard not only from a human perspective but also from fellow students. partnership we can do a better job of protecting our students by offering them a safe facility in the case of an alcohol or mental health crisis.