Natalie Kehrli

External Relations Committee Chair
Disability Constituency Senator

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Hometown: Manchester, Iowa

Major: Psychology (Pre-Med/Pre-Law)

Additional Involvement: Resident Assistant in Mayflower Hall, Research Assistant for MAYPL Lab, Outreach Ambassador for UI Honors Program, Child Psychiatric Unit Volunteer, UI MARC Scholar, First Generation Student Task Force, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega,

What are some goals and/or initiatives you are excited to work on this term?: 

1. Continue extensive work on the process of implementing a space for disabled students on campus in conjunction with University of Iowa Administration and Iowa Legislature, similar to the cultural houses for other identities on campus, in order to give disabled students a space to connect, host events, receive resources, and feel a sense of belonging. 2. Working with Student Disability Services to encourage training on accommodations to professors in an effort to make sure all students with accommodations are receiving equal and fair treatment from all professors 3. Working with Student Disability Services to implement a smoother, more efficient system in regards to students having to share their accommodations to all professors at the beginning of each semester 4. Working with Housing and Dining to ensure all spaces within the residence hall are accessible for all students and implementing a form to easily notify housing and dining if housing accommodations are not adequately being met 5. Continue work with campus partners on campus maps outlining general campus accessibility and gender neutral restrooms