Friday, May 5, 2017

Fellow Hawkeyes:


The Board of Regents gave notice today that they will meet on Monday, May 8 to consider additional tuition increases for students attending the University of Iowa in Fall 2017. The proposal is a response to the State Legislature’s reduction in appropriations to our university this past year. The Board is proposing an additional $216 increase to resident students and an additional $1,078-$1,196 increase to nonresident students, depending on their program of study. These changes would take effect in Fall 2017.


While the interest in increasing tuition is to maintain the quality of our university, it is unfortunate that the Board is proposing an increase with such short notice for students and their families to prepare. In December 2016, the Board established the “2+2 tuition model.” The model proposed raising tuition by 2% for Fall 2017 and for Fall 2018. It was intended to offer a two-year outlook for tuition increases so that students and their families could plan in advance for any increases in tuition. With a deviation from the model, students will once again face unexpected increases in tuition just weeks before the start of the school year without any guarantee of predictable tuition changes in the future.


In the interest of ensuring a quality, affordable, and accessible education at UI, we will take the following actions to advance our advocacy:


  • Voice student concerns to the Board of Regents and UI administration on May 8

  • Work with campus partners to improve scholarship and financial aid policies

  • Identify and implement strategies to decrease non-tuition expenses

  • Meet with legislators across the state to discuss the importance of state support for UI


Students cannot continue facing the prospects of tuition increases with little time to prepare. It takes time to find ways to cover unexpected changes in expenses, whether it be to secure a job, apply for loans, or change payment plans. We call for collaboration among the State Legislature, the Board of Regents, and the UI administration to ensure that students and their families can predictably pay for and afford a quality public higher education in the State of Iowa.


If you are concerned about the implications of a tuition increase on your ability to pay for school, we encourage all UI students to take advantage of the financial literacy services offered by the UI Office of Student Financial Aid. Click here to learn how to set up an appointment.




Jacob Simpson, UISG President

Lilián Sánchez, UISG Vice President