Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Students of the University of Iowa,


In the last four weeks, acts of hate and bigotry that support white supremacy have been spread and shared throughout our campus: Alt-Right cards in the Main Library book stacks; a swastika scratched on the mural painted by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. in the CRANDIC tunnel near Danforth Chapel; and racial slurs and propaganda posted on a resident’s door in the Young, Gifted, and Black Living & Learning Community. Our student governments stand in solidarity with the students affected by these acts.


As representatives of the University of Iowa student body, we denounce acts of hate and bigotry, and any act intended to make members of the student community feel unsafe and unwelcome. Hate and bigotry directed at people because of their racial or ethnic identities are unequivocally inconsistent with our values as students of the University of Iowa. We value compassion, respect, and dignity.


If you witness acts of hate or bigotry, report them to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity or the Campus Inclusion Team. Each member of the student community has the responsibility to stand up in support of one another. We stand with you. We stand as one. We stand with inclusivity, equity, and diversity. Our student governments exist to serve and help students, and we are committed to fostering a campus culture that welcomes all students.


In solidarity,


Jacob Simpson, UISG President

Lilián Sánchez, UISG Vice President


Tejasvi Sharma, GPSG President

Grant Jerkovich, GPSG Vice President





We encourage students who are seeking help to contact:                


University Counseling Services (319) 335-7294

Center for Diversity and Enrichment (319) 335-3555

Student Care and Assistance (319) 335-1162

Office of the Ombudsperson (319) 335-3608

Office for Graduate Inclusion (319) 335-2147

UI Employee Assistance Program (319) 335-2085