Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The University of Iowa Student Government had its first meeting for the academic school year on Tuesday August 27th in the Black Box Theater of the IMU 

The SABAC Committee first presented an overview of the UISG budget and new methods of financing for organizations jointly funded by both UISG and GPSGIf students have any concerns or questions, please contact SABAC Chair Zoe Hamstreet or the Director of Finance Adam Burghduff 

UISG holds our organization and our members to certain standards, regardless of whether they serve as a Senator or as an Executive. To ensure that requirements are consistent and understandable across our constitution and codes of conducts, our Governing Documents Task Force presented their changes at last night’s meeting. Those final documents will be uploaded to view as soon as all changes have been made.  

Four pieces of legislation and one resolution were introduced. All pieces of legislation were passed. UISG members ended the night with announcements. Announcements of note are UISG’s Textbook Affordability Campaign, new Senator applications, highlighting our Clothing Closet, UISG’s new monthly newsletter UISG for U, the upcoming Multicultural Getdown, as well as our Student’s Day at the Farmer’s Market. Information for these events and programs can be found on our website and social media.  

Any legislation or documents discussed at Senate are available on our website. If you’d like to discuss any piece of legislation or document from last night’s meeting, please reach out to the respective Senator listed, President Noel Mills or Vice President Sarah Henry via email. Students are encouraged to view our livestream via Facebook or attend a Senate meeting to voice their concerns as well.  

Wwould like to thank the student body for all your support and feedback. We are excited to kick off the year and look forward to working to make the University of Iowa a better place for students.